good idea to set up two-factor authentication for any online account


You can use the App Switcher to switch between apps and close any app you don’t plan on using. It allows you to close apps that aren’t being used and switch between them. You can use the App Switcher if you own an iPhone without a physical home button or Face ID. Swipe up from the bottom to access it. Release your finger once your apps are visible on the left-hand side of your display.

Double-pressing the home button quickly will open the App Switcher if you own an iPhone that has Touch ID. You can quickly swipe up an app to close it when the App Switcher is open. You can close multiple apps with just two fingers. You may have noticed iPhone price in Srilanka a gray bar on the bottom of an iPhone without a Home button or Face ID when you were using an application. You can use this bar to quickly return to the Home Screen, or to switch between open apps.

Swipe left on the iPhone screen to switch between apps. You will be taken to the most recent app you have open. If you continue to swipe left you will see all of your apps open. You can use the swipe on the right to find the app that you first used.

There is no way for iPhones with Home buttons to quickly switch between apps. You’ll need to use the App Switch, as previously shown. You can open Search on iPhone by swiping down your finger from the Home Screen. You can now search anything on your iPhone using the search bar that appears at its top.

You can search while using an application by opening the Notification Center. To do this, swipe downward from the top and again down to reveal the search window. Siri can do many different things, such as setting up a reminder or opening an application. You can even ask Siri to change the song on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. It can even help answer basic questions, such as how to solve simple mathematical problems.

Siri is a prominent iPhone feature. Siri is a personal assistant that can answer all of your questions, and retrieve any relevant information. Siri will guide you through the process when setting up your device, but it can be done later in Settings – Siri & Search.

Speak Selection is one of Siri’s best features. The voice assistant will read highlighted text from your webpage, messaging app, etc. It allows you to customize the Do Not Disturb feature on your smartphone. You can set different modes, such as Driving, Work or Gaming. And you can choose which alerts you want to receive when a mode is active.

For example, I have set my Work mode so that it only allows notifications and phone calls from colleagues. It prevents me from being distracted and interrupted, allowing me to focus on my work. If you do not want to appear rude, simply tap on the message button to send the person a text saying that you will call back.

If you do not want to reject a call you can simply muffle it so that the vibration or sound doesn’t disturb you. You only need to press the left-side volume button on your iPhone. You will still be able to hear the call, but it won’t disturb you any more.


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